On The End of The World, Cheesy Instagram Captions, & Pampering Myself


Ever since my blog kinda took off commercially about a year ago, I have developed this strict posting schedule for my blog and social media accounts. I love it, I think it has helped me to maintain my quality, and it has proven to work because I have been getting a lot of opportunities because […]

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Small World, Big Imagination.


Our visit to a pretend play heaven in Southlake, TX! They have everything from a mini supermarket, teepees, to a mini farm!

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Stop The Bullying. Spread the love.


I didn’t really plan to write about this until yesterday when I was reading an article and found out that October is the National Bullying Prevention Month. We have so many good causes being campaigned and celebrated almost every month here in the US. However, beside human trafficking and child sponsorship, bullying prevention is one of the […]

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The One Who is Passionate & Persistent


Summer is over but my family’s craving for frozen treats lasts year-round. With J’s allergies to peanuts, bananas, and dairy, we have been very selective in choosing our frozen treats. That’s why I was so excited when I found out about the handcrafted, artisan Savoy sorbet. 1, because I’ve had enough of popsciles lol. 2, […]

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Playing Audrey with The Black and The Pearls


Although I am not a girly girl, everything ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ never fails to woo me. The black Givenchy dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in that movie, the pearls, the hair, everything!Β So when I got the opportunity to order my own custom-made dress from Eshakti, I wanted something classy, elegant, andΒ not too princess-y. I couldn’t […]

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Bubblies, Starfish, and Fun for All Ages – It’s #GrapeFest!


I had been talking about this event since August, and I also did an instagram giveaway for it (congrats to all the winners!) last week. On September 15, The 30th Annual GrapeFest finally took place! And I am so grateful that I got to come and cover the event for 2 days, and even did […]

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