The Myth of Multi-tasking

The Myth of Multi-tasking


“What are you doing?” — It is almost impossible to truly answer this question with just one word nowadays.
You might be eating, but you could also be reading the news, while listening to iTunes as well as waiting for your friend’s reply on whatsapp. You might be on a datenight with your husband, but you’re also ten thousand miles away with your friend who’s on a vacation in Paris, since you just liked and commented her picture on instagram. And what saddens me the most is, you could be having the most intimate moment with your baby, which is nursing, while stalking other people’s facebook to see where they got that cute dress they posted earlier.

With the world at our finger tips, we are sinking in this ocean of an idea that if we can do more than 5 things all at once, why focus on just one?

Every improvement that the technology industry makes is meant to accommodate this new way of life called multi-tasking.

Oh yes, we’re getting it all done, all at once. But are they done with an excellent quality, the best way that they could be done?

Are you sure?

Press play and learn.

I agree with what Propaganda says here in this video. No matter how important those things that you’re trying to do all at once are, choose one. Prioritize and do them one at a time.

For multitasking is a myth.

Even if you get one thing done right, the other would eventually slip right through your finger, though it might seem alright at the beginning. Like the quality time that you have with your kid now, that you could never get back. Or the ‘downtime’ you have with your spouse at night after your baby’s asleep, that you could use to talk to each other instead of replying people’s comments or chats.

Networking is crucial, especially if you want to strengthen your influence, gain more follower, or get a new job. But again, first things first.

Social Caffeine breaks it down further in the following infographic :



Oh wow.


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