Beyond Filters & Crops

Beyond Filters & Crops

Every so often we compare our lives with everybody else’s. We compare their picture-perfect family with ours, especially during this holiday season. I was editing our photo for this year’s social media christmas photo (yes we have that, I started it this year) when I realize that it might be nice for me to share the ‘unedited’ and ‘unprocessed’ photos just to show you all how ‘normal’ and ‘ordinary’ everything is in my life beyond instagram and this blog.
See this was the photo I posted


High contrast, high exposure, a little temperature adjustment – this photo is highly processed. The following is the reality…


We took it in J’s room, in front of his closet, and if I didn’t crop it, you would’ve seen the light switch on the right. And J’s not always good at posing. He was more interested in pulling my ‘elf glasses’ than posing to the camera.


Oh yeah it got even crazier.

Well, may we find the best way to celebrate the reason for the season. And may we be grateful enough to not compare our behind-the-scene with other people’s edited-version of life. At least not as often as we used to.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Merry Christmas!

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