My 5 Dollars of Happiness

Mr. Man : We got $17 left in our checking account

Me : Really?

Mr. Man : Yup, and tomorrow is Payday 

Me : So?

Mr. Man : (smiling) Wanna get some ice cream? 


The most beautiful and soothing conversations  I’ve had all week. I love how we can enjoy life with whatever we have in our checking account. No, we’re not broke so don’t panic and start feeling sorry for us. This happens sometimes when you have too many expenses in one pay period, right? Tomorrow is payday and we’ll be ‘wealthy’ again 🙂 

Now if you’d excuse me, I’m gonna make the most of our last dollar with some mini pecan pies ($1.90), ben & jerry’s ice cream ($3.80), and gratitude (priceless). May you find happiness with whatever you got left with you as well. Tomorrow is another day 🙂 

14 responses to “My 5 Dollars of Happiness”

  1. Love the last sentences. That’s what most of Jakartans (from my observation) seems hard to do. We worry too much on our account balance and forget to enjoy what we have. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Yeay glad you like it @christa! Yes enjoy life with whatever you have left, I mean tukang siomay and martabak are everywhere!! Why not get some and relax instead of worrying to much, right? Hehehe (I miss martabak nutella like crazy)


  2. Ouwwww thanks for sharing the wonderful story!! Such a nice reminder for us all to be more grateful for what we have rather than complaining.
    I love B&J ice cream !!! Since living all the way down here this yumza icecream is quite expensive. And we don’t get all those flavour here too.
    Well, enjoy the ice cream & pie . Happy (almost) weekend from down under 🙂


  3. I think I already write something here before.but couldn’t press send from my mobile device or its just an error.
    Wonderful story!! Thanks for sharing. Such a nice reminder for us all to be more grateful rather than complaining 🙂
    I Love B&J ice cream. my favorite one was cherry garcia (garcia cherry??). but since we living all the way down here the price is quite expensive, $12 for not even 1/2 litre! and not all those variants available too.I just eat it for some special treat only ;p
    well enjoy the ice cream and pie! Happy (almost) weekend from down under 😉


    • Thanks for reading and liking it nisa 🙂 oh everything is more expensive down there isn’t it? I miss Sydney, minus the expensive living’s cherry garcia btw, is it any good? I might try it next time 🙂 my faves are americone dream and cookie dough! Ah happy weekend to you guys too, say hi to darling harbour (I used to live in Pyrmont), surry hills and newtown for me!!


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