(Now I Know) Why I Do This

People blog for different reasons. Popularity, money, influence, etc. No matter how ‘positive’ the reason is, we must have been caught up in the vanity of this ‘industry’/culture at least once or twice throughout our whole blogging journey. 

I have struggled with it too, wanting to stay true to my cause, while still being influenced by what other bloggers do and how they do it ( I’ve blogged about this a few times before). 

Some people have blogged so well that they can make money from it, some have made connection with celebrities through blogging, and some have touched so many lives.

My reason was questioned earlier this month, when I received a few judgemental comments regarding my blogging. I had the choice to agree with those accusations, or to know where I stand and just ignore them. 

I then started to ask myself, why do I do this? Am I sure that it’s not for vanity? Am I being myself here? 

I looked at my stats and follower count – they are not significantly great numbers. I then looked at what I portray here on the blog and on my social media accounts , am I promoting positivity, love, and truth in a very simple and honest way as I said I wanted to? 

I put my phone down, decided to not care about it all even though it’s hard to do. 

A few days later, a reader emailed me, pouring her heart out, saying she needed someone to talk to about family, motherhood, and relationship. I was deeply touched and surprised at how so many young mothers out there are needing a friend, someone they can relate to.


Met her for some good talk over ice cream and realized that you know what? 

I think I’ve found out why I do all this. And I ain’t gon’ stop.


and to all of you, thanks for reading all these years, I hope my writings have brought nothing but positivity into your life 🙂 

3 responses to “(Now I Know) Why I Do This”

  1. wow you’re absolutely amazing !! I love your blog 🙂 your quote, words, and attitude in this blog. such a positif combo !! read your blog makes me wanna say, thank you for adding a smile,inspiration and motivation to my day. kalau satu kota mungkin I will email you? or knocking on your door? atau.. bok barter martabak yuk..and having some curcol ;p


  2. oh noo its happen again ( everytime I send comment from WP mobile is always an error)
    anyway… your quotes,words and attitude in this blog is like a perfect positif combo! it makes me adding a smile, inspiration and motivation to my day. I love your blog !! and klopun satu kota maybe I’ll do the same like one of your reader did. email you? or knocking on your door? sembari bawa martabak ..bok kita bisa barter and having some curcol as a mama? huehehe.
    Thank the universe for you!


    • I got the other comment tapi entah kenapa gak otomatis muncul, I might have to adjust setting. Anyway, oh my god you’re so sweet! Thank youuuu nisa for the kind words, yes yes aduh andaikan satu kota ya, masak2 bareng, jalan2 ke surry hills, ke maroubra beach sambil cecurhatan seada2nya! You are awesome and inspiring too, keep doing what you’re doing yah mak 🙂


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