The One Who Wants to Help Others Get Debt-free

The One Who Wants to Help Others Get Debt-free


As the new year approaches, most of us have started to think about our goals for 2016. But today I do not want to talk about those ‘basic’ New Years Resolutions like “lose weight” or “eat more vegetables”, because we have the tendency to fail them by like January 15th haha! I want to encourage you to start planning out the bigger life goals for 2016 like “pay off the car debt” or “get a degree”, you know, to help you and your family thrive and get on to the next lever in 2016.

So when I thought about who to feature in this month’s ‘Heroines’ section, this young lady’s name instantly came to mind. While most girls strive to be fashion bloggers or even reality stars, Naima Barnes want to help people to get out of debt and stay out of debt through her work as a financial planner and through her newly-launched blog called Finance Your Life.


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“I’ve always wanted to help people,” she uttered as we started our conversation at Crooked Tree Coffeehouse one Saturday morning. Growing up seeing her parents being in debt and having to work hard to get out of it, has motivated Naima to help people through the field of Financial Planning. However, it was not until after her first internship during her college years at Ohio State University, that she knew this was the path she was going to pursue. “To see our clients go through different life stages and to know that they are going to be okay because we’ve helped them, and that they don’t have to worry day to day about money anymore, gave me great satisfaction. That’s when I knew this was something that I wanted to do.”


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Naima reminded me that everyone from millennial young professionals, recent grads to 40 year-olds go through changes in life. And “we all need a blueprint, something to guide us financially throughout those changes”. That’s why she started her blog, which also has an instagram account filled with useful financial tips and inspiring quotes.




Her biggest inspiration is Sophia Bera, a pioneer in virtual, personal financial planning through an online platform called Gen Y Planning. In the future, Naima also aims to start her own financial planning company while growing her blog.


Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 9.26.12 PM

Speaking of future and time, she said something that really stuck to me.

Time always on your side. It is the best thing that you could ever use for your money. Because as time goes, your money could also grow. That is, if you save up of course.

Happy planning and saving, friends! And have a wonderful New Year ahead! 🙂

2 responses to “The One Who Wants to Help Others Get Debt-free”

  1. oh em geeee!!! Ini kenapa postingan kamu beberapa kali sesuai ama suara hati saya yaaa #halahi’ve been a capitalist slave (a.k.a bankir) since I graduate (kamu masih SD kali hehwhhwh) and thinking of switching as financial planner. sampai ikut kursus demi sertifikasinya CFP segala…:)
    agak agak patah arang sebelum memulai, baca ini kok semangat lagi 🙂
    thank you!!! merry X mas and have a nice year ahead, dear!


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