Why True Self-Love Is Not Arrogance 

With the growing selfie culture, you would think that we, as a society, have got the issue of self image all figured out, right? 
Everybody looks like they love themselves, that’s why they take photos of themselves all the time. Some take and post photos of their body parts that you normally wouldn’t share to public. 

But is that true self-love? 

Some people think self-love is arrogance, so they go into the other extreme, by not wanting to own or be openly proud about their good qualities.

But I really think there should be a balance here. 

I remember a quote by a former Harlem gangster, Frank Lucas, who although might not seem like a typical person you would want to get self-image-quotes from, said this brilliant piece of wisdom :

The loudest person in the room is the weakest person in the room.

I think healthy and true self-love is not shy, but it’s not loud either. It’s not proud, because pride usually looks down on others. That’s why we often end up feeling so drained and anxious after spending too much time on social media, looking at other people’s “broadcasted blessings” without realizing that they have struggles too. Then we end up spending money we don’t have to buy things we don’t need to impress people who don’t even care about us. Some people go in debt for it! 


Arrogance makes you think highly about yourself, often to compensate and cover up your insecurities. Whereas self-love radiates compassion and love to others, so strongly that people around you would be lifted up by that love, not intimidated and jealous.  
So starting today, let’s ask ourselves: Am I truly loving myself today? Have I forgiven myself  of the things I have done in the past?

As Abi Stumvoll puts it last night at Beloved Conference I attended :

Stop criticizing your God-given temple (your body). Repent to every body parts that you’ve spoken death to. Because when you speak life to yourself, you will bloom into it.

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