The Golden Rule for Social Media (& Life)

The Golden Rule for Social Media (& Life)


I honestly get tempted to do what everybody is doing these days – showing off and fishing for compliments through social media- a lot. Only to prove to others that I got it going on as well as they do you know. If you haven’t felt the urge to do so, you’re probably not such a good liar 😉 But each time, I would think of this quote that I came across back in 2014.

Just because you have it doesn’t mean you have to flaunt it. Just because you get opportunities, doesn’t mean you have to announce it. Just because you get a compliment, doesn’t mean you have to retweet it lol.

Why brag when you can work hard to a point where other people will do it for you? 

Why not be so good at what you do that you  don’t even have to make people think that you’re successful, people will call you that themselves. That’s what I aim to do these days.

Anyways, if you have time, watch this video by Lily Singh, it’s pretty hilarious.


I like the part where she says “At least one of us needs to  be convinced that my life is great!” – when she talks about the vacation photos people post on instagram.

Nowadays, if my photos have no purpose, I just don’t post them. Purpose meaning a campaign that I’m supporting (both paid or not paid) or an inspiration (where to eat, favorite quotes, encouragements, lessons learned from my daily life and stuff), or a celebration (birthdays/anniversaries,milestones) that I’d like to share to uplift or congratulate others. I have also developed a habit of not post anything or even look at any of my social media accounts on Sundays (even the ones I get paid to manage) so that I can fully enjoy my time with my family. I think we have to have that balance. And I do not think we have to broadcast our lives all the time. Let’s just live it. What’s in it for us anyways?

May we walk with humility and courage today my friends. Have a good one!

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