Sushi, Cocktails, and Therapeutic Girl-Time

Sushi, Cocktails, and Therapeutic Girl-Time

As moms/wives/ we get so caught up in our everyday roles that we often forget to breathe, laugh, and have fun. When I was a new mom, I devoted most of my time to my little baby. Now that he’s 3.5 years old, I finally get to make time for my friendships again. And better yet, I get to make time for myself again! 

It would surprise you how refreshing it is to go out with your girls and have conversations without being interrupted by your toddler(s) 😉 

I have only started this little tradition with my friends around the end of 2016. Last year was hard on all of us and one night in December we decided to go see a movie together, have cocktails, pour our hearts out and just enjoy each other’s company. And at the end of the night we were like, “Wow! I needed this!” 😉 

Our current favorite thing to do is to go to Kona Grill at Northpark Center for their happy hour from 5 pm to 7 pm. If you sit by the bar or at the patio (don’t worry, they have heaters to keep you warm), you get to have margaritas, moscow mules, wine, and even an old fashioned for half their regular prices!

kona (2 of 7).jpgkona (2 of 7).jpg

We’d talk about everything from our kids, goals (including doing a community outreach together sometime this year), The Oscars (Denzel shoulda won!), to men in fitted suits lol. 

All this + half-priced sushi rolls and flatbreads? Ow yeah!

You know sometimes we think we’re the only one going through what we go through, but you’d be surprised to learn that everybody struggles and you are not alone. This is why I love my girl-time with my ladies!  

Have a great weekend y’all and happy March!

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