Safe and Sleek — Experiencing the 2017 Prius Prime

Safe and Sleek — Experiencing the 2017 Prius Prime

Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner and you know what that means! Summer is officially here!! Now, while a lot of y’all might be planning to fly out to some tropical countries, many of us are actually excited about a more local adventure that involves a lot of driving, quick trips to the gas station, and killer playlists to keep you awake. Yup, I’m talking about roadtrips!

As a family of three, Mr. Man, J, and I don’t really need a big vehicle. We just need something comfy, compact, and agile to take us places this summer. Lucky for us, 2 weeks ago, we got the chance to try out Toyota’s most advanced hybrid yet, the 2017 Prius Prime for a full week and see what it has to offer.

And I tell ya, by the end of that week, I had secretly wished I could’ve kept it for a week longer or two. How could I not?

The Design

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When I first saw the car, I was immediately attracted to its modern, and sporty but sleek look. And I am so glad that we got the Prius in Titanium Glow. It’s such a pretty color!

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It’s spacious, comfy,  and I like the fact that the car seat mount goes all the way to the lower back part of the backseats (it is usually goes only to the headrests and therefore not as firm). 

The Gas Money We Saved

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Because it is a hybrid, we actually saved quite a significant amount of gas that week. How? Because the car automatically switches between the hybrid engine and electricity, based on driving conditions. When its battery is fully charged (you can do it anywhere even at Kroger and Ikea nowadays, see where you can charge in your area here), Prius can go for as far as 25 miles on EV mode (without using gas!). This will be a perfect car, not only for roadtrips but for our everyday commute! Also it charges when you drive using gas. Whaat? Yup! 

See how much you can save by calculating the cost of your daily commute here. Trust me, you would want to see how much you can save!

The Amazing Toyota Safety Sense™ 

As a parent who has another human being to consider and protect at all times, I cannot afford to be a reckless driver. But sometimes, I might not be aware of the simple things that could lead us to danger, like my switching lanes without signaling the other drivers or without even realizing that I was actually switching lanes. 

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That’s why I really liked the Lane Departure Alert feature that the Prius has, as a part of Toyota Safety Sense™ system. You see the number ’23’ on the windshield in the second photo above? That is actually our speed, projected to the windshield from the dashboard, so we didn’t have to look at our dashboard to check our speed. How cool is that! Even better, it projects the speed limit of the street we’re driving on and directions from the GPS too! 

It felt like I was learning to drive a spaceship at first, because of how advanced the smart technology they have installed in the car. But within a day, I had already gotten used to it. And as I mentioned before, I found myself wishing I could keep the car longer. Who knows, we might be using it in one of our roadtrips this summer! And hopefully one day we might own it as well (we do need another car!). Well until then, I’m gonna have to train my natural safety sense (= stay awake and alert when driving, gosh, no zoning out!) and keep us all safe. 

In partnership with Toyota 🙂 #LetsGoPlaces



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