A Lesson on Hope

A Lesson on Hope

With the rise of instagram, snapchat, and pinterest, our need of being validated and admired also increases. Some people choose to get them by taking sexy selfies. Some others choose to get them by maintaining a persona of an inspiring human being whom others ought to learn from. Therefore, words like “purpose” and “empowerment” are being thrown out so easily on social media, especially among women. 

If you notice, there are so many “women’s group” and cliques nowadays, and they do everything from brunch, arts & crafts, and even Bible studies. And they’re pretty fun to join!

But OpenSeat has a special place in my heart. I admire the courage, obedience, and determination of founder, Queen Smith (who happens to be one of my best friends!) in maintaining an authentic atmosphere and identity of this particular group of ladies. 

More than brunches and crafts, we actually share real life stories and struggles each time we meet! And last Saturday, we finally got to serve the community together!  

I learned a lot from this experience! The stories that we got to hear were so inspiring. The fact that the people we met at the Reconciliation Center, who are recovering from various addictions, could pick themselves up, seek help, follow Christ, and change their lives is just so beautiful. 

Out of all the stories, this particular one impacted me the most. 

It was of a guy who has ‘lost’ his wife to another man, due to multiple marital crisis in the past. He is still recovering from his battles, and although his wife has given up on him, he is choosing to honor his wedding vows. 

He said, 

“I know it is easier to just get out of the relationship in a situation like this. But I’m not choosing the easy way. I took a vow to take her as my wife, and I want to honor that. I do not want my children to ask me one day, ‘Why didn’t you fight for us?’”

The truth is friends, I feel like giving up sometimes. Heck, I feel like giving up almost all the time! Life is hard, and relationships are harder. And at this day and age, who cares about honoring their vows? Especially when they’re hurt?!

Yet this GUY, is choosing hope. 

Hope is a ‘happy’ word, but remember that in reality, it is a struggle. It is a difficult route. And it is a choice you have to make everyday. 

Are you willing to choose hope today?


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