Last Call. The Ice Is Getting Thinner.

Last Call. The Ice Is Getting Thinner.

Any hobby is fun until it becomes your job. But, what is fun anyway?

I’m swamped with work. But, am I not always? 

I think I have this severe addiction to feeling useful. By which I often end up feeling useless. 

“You’re so blessed because you are good at so many things,” they say. Little do they know that it’s also my curse. 

Nah, that’s actually low-key bragging. Haha.I’m actually not that good at that many things.

I guess I had it right when I told myself, “You can’t possibly be anything if you try to be everything.”



The moral of the story is kids, always strive for balance in life. 


To you.

You, yes you.

The one dancing on thin ice, asking the DJ for one more song. 

Call it a night, will ya? 

I promise, the world will keep on spinning. You won’t be missing a thing!

And when the dust settles on the other side, you know who’s waiting? 

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