One Month In – 2018 Post-Superbowl Reflection

One Month In – 2018 Post-Superbowl Reflection

We’re only 1 month into 2018 and our news feed have already been dominated by award shows and a big sporting event that although might not have anything to do directly with our personal lives, we still faithfully tune in to. I know this because I’ve been doing this myself. Starting with the Golden Globes (Yay Sterling K Brown!) at the beginning of the year, a portion of SAG awards, the Grammy’s (too boring, but Kendrick Lamar rocked it!), and to the 4th quarter of Superbowl LII (yay Philly Eagles!) on Sunday night.  

photo by patrick perkinsphoto by patrick perkins

photo by patrick perkins

Mr. Man and I have managed to put our TV away back in December to focus on J’s development and to force ourselves to interact with one another more. But when it comes to award shows and big sporting events, I couldn’t help but to take the TV out of my closet, plug it in, and just stare at it with enthusiasm for 3 hours, before taking it back in the next day.

I guess I just like the excitement. The glory of it all. And the fact that the world is watching that one event, to see if that a few people who’ve been working so hard to get where they are, would finally get a trophy on that particular event. 

photo by joshua allwoodphoto by joshua allwood

photo by joshua allwood

And they deserve that kind of attention! I mean, these are extraordinary people doing extraordinary things! Sportsmen for example, do things with their bodies that exceed regular human capability, after years of trainings and unwavering determination. They inspire greatness within us, whether we’re athletic or not. 

photo by drew farwellphoto by drew farwell

photo by drew farwell

Seeing them pushing boundaries and competing against the best amongst themselves, drive us crazy! And when the team we’re rooting for win, we drink on their behalf! We celebrate their victory as if it was our own. 

photo by simon connellanphoto by simon connellan

photo by simon connellan

Whenever I see those atheletes, filmmakers, and musicians giving their winning speech, I’d often think “It must be nice to be celebrated by the world.” 

Don’t you think? I mean can you imagine having the whole world hold their breath as you score that winning touchdown or win the Record of The Year or Best Picture? 

But then last night, this thought came to mind, “Are these the only jobs worth celebrating? Filmmakers, athletes, and musicians? How about the rest of us?”

photo by emile victor portenartphoto by emile victor portenart

photo by emile victor portenart

Those of us who are doing what we love and determined to be good at it, even when no one’s watching. Those of us. ordinary people doing extraordinary things everyday. Those overcoming fear, depression, and anxiety. Those living paycheck to paycheck. Those raising disabled kids. Those of us. All of us. 

photo by mosa mosenekephoto by mosa moseneke

photo by mosa moseneke

Those of us who might never get a medal for the good things we’ve done and the sacrifices we’ve made for others. Those of us who might not get to give a winning speech that hits a million views on youtube after showing up, despite all the hardships life has thrown at us. 

Well, I’m writing this post to tell you this : Those amazing things athletes, filmmakers, and musicians achieve are only a tiny part of humanity that is worth celebrating. And we should never think less of ourselves, just because our good works are not being ‘seen’ and ‘noticed’. 

photo by radek-grzybowskiphoto by radek-grzybowski

photo by radek-grzybowski

We all play a huge part in this beautiful orchestra of humanity, and with God as the conductor we know whatever part we play, is going to be beautiful and vital. 

Yes, your part is vital. It is necessary. Don’t you ever believe otherwise. Not in the coming months, years, not ever. 

Much love, 

xx Deb 🙂  

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