There’s a Ghost

There’s a Ghost

The idea of having this outer persona that is so different from who you really are on the inside, so much so that it is just like a ghost with your face on — is terrifying.

Yet if we’re honest, we all have that ghost walking around doing and saying things on our behalf.

I first came across this beautifully haunting song by Fleurie called There’s a Ghost on youtube back in 2014 and I immediately felt inspired yet exposed at the same time. The lyrics address the truth of how complex and layered we humans are in such a poetic way.

There’s a ghost, she’s wearin’ my face
At parties being introduced with my name
Just a skeleton of bones, wearin’ nothin’ but clothes
And she is paralyzing

The human soul is a treacherous place
Beneath the mask we wear a dark and twisted labyrinth
Secrets locked in ’cause it’s closed
Never surface, while we keep compose
Come out of hiding

edited on phone4.jpgedited on phone4.jpg

The truth is, we all pretend. We all have different personas we create to fit in different situations. None of us is entirely the same person at all times. Even the most rebellious rockstars who claim to not give a fk act differently when they’re with their groupies and when they’re with their children.

We all have this idea of how we want others to see us. And it affects everything from the way we dressed ourselves this morning to the words we used for our lunch ‘gram caption.

Of course the rise of social media amplifies this innately human tendency to a whole another level, providing us a public platform to put our ghost(s) on display.


We do everything from working out to parenting our children on camera, perfecting our ghost(s) with every filter and trending hashtag.

When will we ever stop?

At the cost of our inner peace and authenticity, maybe never.

Wait, is it me or my ghost talking?

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