Shared Pool of Meaning.

Shared Pool of Meaning.

It’s been four months since I got hired by Top Class Actions as a full-time social media coordinator, and I God for it every day.

I had gone through so many interviews up to that point and two days before moving out of the family house in July, I finally got the job offer. I didn’t know how I was going to pay rent BUT GOD came through for me.

*pause for praise dance*


I’m learning a lot at TCA; how to manage my time, how to make better social media content, and how to communicate better!

The company actually pays for its employees (including me) to learn to handle crucial conversations with the help of expert Scott De Long (via Zoom weekly) and an awesome book called Crucial Conversations.


The chapter I’m reading now is talking about this concept of Shared Pool of Meaning. Have you heard of it?


Shared Pool of Meaning takes form whenever a group of people understand and champion a shared purpose, theory, and solution that benefits everyone involved. Why would a group of people be willing to champion a shared vision? Aren’t we all different people with different opinions and needs?

How could we ever agree?


According to research done by the authors of the book, there is a common theme that they see in harmonious groups and or their leaders who help forming the shared pool of meaning —> They validate and consider everyone’s individual pool of meaning.


That means everyone in the group/company/relationship gets a say, and no matter the content of their individual pool of meaning, they are seen, validated, and heard.

Failure to consider everyone in the group will result in members of the group resenting the decisions made, retaliate, and even detaching themselves from the group completely! Because at the core of it, we as humans only feel safe when we know that we are heard and that we won’t be judged or dismissed for voicing our concerns.


How accurate is this analysis??? I feel like this concept applies in every aspect of our lives. And this is something we already know growing up, but don’t really apply as adults!

Forcing your opinion on others will get you nowhere in life because let’s face it, you’re not the smartest person in the world and you need other people to help you.

On the other hand, not speaking up when you know the group/company/relationship is headed in the wrong direction, could cause damage (500K maltreatment cases in US hospitals happen each year due to human error! Because nurses and assistants are too afraid to speak up!).


Do you have a community/relationship/work environment where a shared pool of meaning is present and thriving? If your answer is no, then create one!

If you already have one, cultivate it and make it better!

The world could use a little more shared meaning and a little less shared memes. 🙂

In unity and love,



The photos were taken in Fredericksburg, TX with one of the very few groups of people in my life where a shared pool of meaning flows naturally. I don’t know what happens in the future, but in this season, I am grateful that we get to do life together! The diversity of the group wasn’t planned and isn’t forced. We happen to look like a mini UN. 😉

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