When Did It Get So Cool to Be So Sad?

When Did It Get So Cool to Be So Sad?


That’s it. That’s the whole post.


Okay for real tho. Why are we all so depressed and anxious? When did life get so heavy and unenjoyable? Did we miss anything? It’s like we collectively drank the wrong Kool-aid back in the 90s and ended up with an endorphin depletion in 2021.

It’s the GMO in our juicebox isn’t it? McDonald’s? Nokia radiation?

Have we humans always been so depressed or is it a new epidemic?

Maybe our ancestors were just better at sucking it up? Are we just a bunch of spoiled crybabies who couldn’t handle a little heartbreak?

Our grandparents fought in horrific wars, while we’re over here getting pressed about coming up with a witty yet effortless Instagram caption.

Is it even fair to compare our struggles to theirs?

I went through a civil war when I was 9. And to be honest, I was more at peace then, than I am now. Why?

Because I knew who my enemies were.

They were in their special uniforms, chanting their special chants behind their marked barricades.

My enemy today is invisible.

It’s in my head, dragging me down, stripping off every bit of joy I have, paralyzing me more than the sound of hundreds of assault rifles.

It’s ME. I am the enemy.

I have been telling ME there’s something wrong with ME and I could never love. That I am too lazy to get where I am meant to be. That I am going to feel this way forever.

And I can’t shoot ME?!

I mean, I get how some people could get to that point.

Thankfully, I am not.

So what do I do with ME?

I can’t dress ME up with a special uniform and build barricades around myself? Or can I?

When did it get so cool to be so sad?


— Brooke Fraser

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