Let’s Get Intersectional!

“Different things make different women vulnerable.” – Kimberlé Willams Crenshaw. 
Women’s History Month might be ending in a week, but the work to elevate and advocate for women’s rights is year-round!

With so many buzzwords getting thrown around regarding the subject of women empowerment, it is important to weed out all the fancy marketing verbiages, and focus on what could really help us grow as feminists!

And that word is Intersectionality. According to this article on UN Women’s website, Intersectional feminism acknowledges that our background (race, class, sexuality, physical ability, etc) might affect how we experience oppression. Therefore, we need to be respectful, mindful, and graceful with one another and not force our way and what we think feminism should look like!

The impacts of crises are not uniform.

To celebrate this robust approach to feminism, I have teamed up with Redbubble to curate a few goodies that will hopefully inspire you to continue the work towards equality, year round!

I just hung these canvas prints in my living room and they are looking pretty! One of my favorites is Female International Womens Day Art by Caroline Bonne Müller (the one on the far left)! Isn’t it beautiful how different we all are?

I also ordered some greeting cards for when I want to encourage my best friends! I think it’s nice to give each other cards that are non-birthday-related, every once in a while.

The coolest one though, is definitely this Sugar Spice Equal Rights dad hat by Kit Cronk!

As an Asian immigrant, I could definitely tell you that the way I experience sexism and discrimination in general, is different than those who grew up here. I have friends who wear hijab and relatives that are queer — and I’m sure, the way they experience discrimination is different too!

I look forward to educating myself more on these issues, while acknowledging and celebrating our quirks and differences.

Be sure to click here and explore how various independent artists are empowering women through their art. I have worked with Redbubble for years now, and I love how they elevate independent artists from around the world!

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